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March 21, 2019

Statement from Christi Ham, Chairwoman, Military Families for High Standards, on Alabama SB 119

Military Families for High Standards strenuously opposes a new measure by Alabama legislators that would, if enacted into law, lower academic standards in state schools. The proposed legislation, SB 119, advanced by the Alabama Senate Education Policy Committee could exacerbate an already serious problem for the Air Force and military families considering a move to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery.

The Air Force is already struggling to attract military families and faculty to take up residence in and around Maxwell, which is home to a major education center for the service, due to the area’s struggling public schools.

According to the education advocacy group Alabama GRIT, the bill, SB 119, would prohibit students in high school from taking Advanced Placement courses and from earning career technical credentials. It would also block schools from offering the ACT college entrance exam, and it would increase teacher shortages by prohibiting teachers in the state from, achieving National Board Certification.

Military Families for High Standards urges Alabama state senators to vote NO on SB 119.