Our children should have access to a high-quality education, regardless of where the military sends us.


Military Families for High Standards is a core group of diverse former and current military spouses, whose experience and expertise are invaluable in the effort to combat the educational challenges faced by military-connected students.



On December  16, 2016 Military Families for High Standards, along with the Collaborative and 8 other military-focused organizations, sent a letter to DeVos, urging her to think about the importance of high, consistent standards for military students. Click here to read the letter.

It’s time that the public understood the educational burdens placed on military families as they move from base to base. As a mom, former teacher and military spouse, I am excited to work with members of this initiative to advocate for high education standards for all military-connected students. Military families should not have to make even more sacrifices to ensure that their children get a high-quality education.
— Chairwoman Christi Ham