Military families commit to high standards in all parts of life. It's time for our education systems to do the same. 


Our Mission

Military Families for High Standards advocates for rigorous academic standards in K-12 education. Moving an average of six to nine times throughout their child’s K-12 career, military families are often faced with the consequences of inconsistent standards – having to catch their students up to grade level in a new state, or watch them struggle to sit through material they’ve already learned. As a spouse-led initiative, we advocate for high academic standards that limit the hardships faced by military students.  

Our Work


"MILITARY FAMILIES FOR HIGH STANDARDS: How Military Families and National Security are impacted by Education Standards at the Local Level"

Military-connected families move every few years at a rate that far exceeds civilian families. The result is that military families face the problem of uprooting children from high-performing schools and schools that serve their children well to schools that may not. The panel will explore the need for high, consistent and measurable education standards around the nation that can assure military parents – and all parents -- that their children are being challenged and will be college-ready.

AUSA News: Kids Face Their Own Readiness Issues
Knowing what to expect when moving to a new school—and not having to worry about immediately falling behind the learning curve among classmates—can go a long way toward “lightening the rucksack,” said Ham during a recent panel discussion at AUSA headquarters in Arlington, Va.


"Why Schools Matter to Military Value" - On February 29, 2016, Christi Ham participated in a panel discussion at the Association of Defense Communities' Installation Innovation Forum in Charleston, S.C. 

Summary: With DoD becoming increasingly focused on the quality of public schools serving military children, defense communities are searching for ways to improve local education institutions. This interactive discussion session will focus on strategies communities can use to ensure their schools meet the needs of military families.