Why is it important to know your local school board?  As a retired military member who raised four children during her military career, as a former classroom teacher, and as a voter, Melissa Johnson shares that it's important to get to know the local school board members and their role in how the board's established vision for the school district affects the schools our military students attend. The school board's goals impact the funding, support, and learning our students need to be successful. 

“Wherever you may be, find out when the school board meetings are being held and explore their website before attending any meetings. Get to know the strategic goals and the board goals. Ask how these goals affect our military students and their educational growth. Seek clarification on anything you don’t understand. Comment on the board’s decisions. Share opinions/concerns you have with board members. Don't just give complaints, but share solutions you have for issues at your school.
"As a parent, I would want to know what standards are being proposed to ensure my student is receiving high-level competency. As a teacher, I wanted to know what funding my school was receiving, especially when it came to technology, curriculum, and classroom supplies. Lastly, as a voter, I want to know if the school board’s goals are in line with the community needs.
"Attending your school board meeting is important because it can help you stay informed with upcoming plans for the school and be a valuable event that will help you become engaged in your child’s school. Ultimately, the information you receive will help you stay on top of changes that may affect your child’s education.” 

As Johnson highlights, it’s important to follow local school board members in the region where you are moving. Use local newspapers and district websites to become aware of their objectives, student outcomes, and performance goals prior to your arrival. Know when they hold public meetings. Many school boards now include a military representative, who can be another great resource.