School liaisons at the military installation serve as a clearinghouse for information about the schools on and near bases, and the services and programs offered in them. Meeting with them should be the first step for all transitioning parents, as they are the subject matter experts on education. It is their job to assist you in best understanding your new installation and the educational offerings it provides and supports — both inside and outside of the gates.

Military spouse Kate McKenney shared about her experience with the school liaison officer (or SLO) during her family’s latest move.

“For the months leading up to our summer relocation date, the SLO provided information on application deadlines for public magnet schools, charter schools, and private schools as well as scholarship opportunities. Without this information, we would have certainly missed these due dates and therefore reduced the number of potential educational opportunities available for our elementary-aged children. The SLO provided unbiased information about each school and encouraged us to visit each program after arriving to find the right fit for our family. By helping us exhaust all educational options, the SLO gave us confidence that we selected the best school for our children.  
Our children attend a military-friendly school where they sought to identify us as a military family from the start.  With military family resources linked from their website, transportation from the military installation and staff professional development on military families, they seem to value their military students.”